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Worst news for Strasburg

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I’m listening (well, I was until I heard the words “significant tear” and “ulnar ligament” in the same sentence) to live stream of the Strasburg news conference.

How ironic is it that Strasburg needs this surgery the exact day that our previous high-end power pitching prospect Jordan Zimmermann returns from the same surgery?  He made it back in 13 months; Strasburg probably won’t feature for us until 2012 based on the timing of the injury (why bring him back to make one september start next year?)

Huge blow.  You have to think this pushes back the realistic “season that we’ll really be competitive” a whole year.  Do you think this event changes the Lerner’s minds about giving out huge bonuses to unproven talent?

Written by Todd Boss

August 27th, 2010 at 10:52 am

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