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2023 Wrap Up of Rotations with 2024 Predictions


Andrew Alvarez was the Nats Minor League POTY, and he’s probably not even one of our 20 best pitching prospects. Photo via

2023 was the first time in a decade I kept up with monthly rotation reviews for the whole season. So, we might as well finish it off with a look at the starting and ending rotations for the various major and minor league teams, and a prediction as to what the rotations might look like next year.

Here’s the recaps for the year: End of April check-in, End of May check-in, End of June , End of July, and End of August. There was no September summary since the various leagues staggered the amount of time they played in Sept, leading to this post.

Critical to this analysis are the following links:

Lets start at the top. I’m drawing from all my posts throughout the year to show the evolution of each staff’s rotation. Then for 2024, I’m generally predicting 6-7 names per rotation to account for the inevitable injuries.


  • Opening Day: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Kuhl
  • End of April: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Kuhl
  • End of May:  Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Irvin
  • End of June: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Irvin
  • End of July: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Irvin
  • End of August: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Williams, Irvin, Adon
  • End of Season: Corbin, Grey, Williams, Irvin, Adon, Rutledge (Gore on dl with blister)

2023 Discussion: Despite being a last place team, the rotation was amazingly consistent. Corbin, Grey, and Williams made 32, 30, and 30 starts respectively. Gore made 27 before going on the DL at the end of the season with blisters. Irvin came up for the ineffective Kuhl and did 24 starts of 93 ERA+ performance. Obviously the team went to a 6-man rotation in August, calling up Adon, who continues to not be good. Then, for the last few weeks Rutledge got the call up and posted about the same numbers as Adon (as in, he’s not ready).

2024 outlook: The 2024 rotation probably looks pretty similar to the 2023 one, because every one of these names is signed (or under team control) in 2024. Assuming that Strasburg indeed retires or cannot pitch, there’s really only one big name to throw into this mix: Cavalli. Perhaps the team converts Ward back to a starter after burying him on in the bullpen all year to get through rule-5 time. I think we’ll see Cavalli replace Williams in the rotation, who drops to the pen while all the others go back to AAA. If they get slammed with injuries there’s not a ton i’d trust coming up from AAA right now, so I wonder if they’ll go shopping in the FA market for more “trade at the deadline for a couple of prospects” kind of talents. But I highly doubt we’ll be seeing another FA starter, in that none of these guys has anything left to prove in AAA.

2024 rotation prediction: Corbin, Grey, Gore, Cavalli, Irvin, (with Williams and Ward as LR in bullpen). Maybe an off-season low-cost signing to flip at the deadline.

AAA Syracuse

  • Opening Day: Adon, Irvin, Espino, Abbott, Peralta
  • End of April: Adon, Irvin, Espino, Abbott, Peralta (with TRomero and Kilome spot Starts)
  • End of May: : Adon, Espino, Abbott, Peralta, Urena
  • End of June: Adon, Peralta, Urena, Rutledge, Banda.
  • End of July: Adon, Peralta, Urena, Rutledge, Banda (plus Espino before getting called up and released)
  • End of August: Peralta, Abbott, Rutledge, RMunoz, AHernandez plus Troop and TRomero spot starts.
  • End of Season: Parker, AHernandez, RMunoz, TRomero, Mengeden (Banda, Peralta shut down, Adon & Rutledge promoted up)

2023 Discussion: The AAA rotation for the bulk of the year included two guys (Peralta and Urena) who were 30-year old MLFAs who were absolutely awful but yet got starts for most of the year, a testament to the thinness of the Nats starting pitching depth at its highest levels. Adon did the majority of the year in AAA to try to prove that his 2022 was a fluke (spoiler alert; he did not: 4.62 ERA, 1.51 whip in 17 AAA starts). Espino was solid before getting called up, shelled, and released. Rutledge did about half a season of competence and was joined in the end by a couple of guys who seem likely to feature in AAA next year.

2024 outlook: I think the late season call-ups (Adon and Rutledge) are coming right back to start AAA next year; they did not impress in their short MLB stints and will be on the books as 4-A/rotation coverage to start the year. I think they’ll be joined by the two guys who got bumped up to AAA at season’s end (Parker and AHernandez), plus hopefully a couple guys coming back from injury (Tetreault), We probably see a couple of MLFA veteran MLB starters thrown in the mix (which is basically what Peralta and Urena were this year), and perhaps a AA guy (Herz) moving up.

2024 rotation prediction: Adon, Rutledge, Parker, AHernandez, Tetreault, Herz, and a Veteran MLFA in the mix (with Munoz, TRomero in the bullpen unless they leave as MLFAs)

AA Harrisburg

  • Opening Day: Rutledge, Parker, Herrera, Troop, Cuevas
  • End of April:  Rutledge, Parker, Herrera, Troop, Cuevas
  • End of May:  Rutledge, Parker, Troop, Cuevas, AHernandez
  • End of June: Parker, Troop, Cuevas, AHernandez, Saenz, plus Henry
  • End of July: Parker, Troop, Hernandez, Saenz, Henry (plus Knowles, Cuevas, Herz)
  • End of August: Parker, Cuevas, Saenz, Alvarez, Herz
  • End of Season: Cuevas, Saenz, Alvarez, Herz, Luckham (Troop in LR, Henry in limbo)

2023 Discussion: The AA roster definitely produced some player development wins this year: Rutledge ended up in the majors, Parker pitched a solid full season and should feature in AAA next year, and Alemedo Hernandez had a 2-level jump. Herz was a mid-season acquisition and pitched probably better than any of them, but only turns 23 in January so he’s in no real rush to get to AAA. Finally Alvarez ended up in AA after dominating in High-A and looks like a heck of a find as a 12th rounder, taking the system’s Minor league pitcher of the year award. Herrera’s injury and age may spell the end of his career here, Troop seems to have settled into AA as his peak level and is already 27, and Cuevas spent the entire year getting shelled. The big question mark here is Cole Henry, who was in AAA in 2022 before his injury, now can’t get guys out in AA, and I really worry his shoulder injury may be career ending.

2024 outlook: Three of the guys who ended in the AA rotation (Saenz, Alvarez, and Luckham) were the kind of mid-season promotions that the Nats like to do, and thus I see them staying in AA to start 2024 with an eye on another mid-season promotion next June/July based on merit. They seem to like Knowles as a swing man so I think he stays in that role, possibly replacing a released Troop. Cuevas should repeat; he’s still young and his numbers were poor this year. So we’ve seen most of what Harrisburg may see next year already. We’ll probably see some names rising up that we’ll talk about in the next section. But we’re hurting for names here, and its hard to squint at the High-A guys and predict any of them making the push to rise up really, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Herz still here, if we saw Tetreault pushed back a level after missing a year, or even a MLFA or two.

2024 rotation prediction: Henry, Cuevas, Saenz, Alvarez, Luckham, maybe Tetreault, maybe Theophile

High-A Wilmington

  • Opening Day: Lara, Saenz, Huff, Theophile, Alvarez
  • End of April:  Lara, Saenz, Huff, Theophile, Alvarez with Luckham
  • End of May:  Lara, Saenz, Huff, Alvarez, Luckham, with Theophile getting spot starts
  • End of June: Lara, Alvarez, Luckham, Theophile, Caceres, Bennett
  • End of July: Lara, Alvarez, Luckham, Caceres, Lord, (with Theophile, Bennett)
  • End of August: Lara, Luckham, Caceres, Lord, Bennett,
  • End of Season: Lara, Luckham, Caceres, Lord, Bennett (with Diaz doing late season spot start, Theophile shut down)

2023 Discussion: Wilmington’s rotation had a couple of success stories for sure: Saenz and Alvarez both earned mid-season promotions; it probably took Alvarez a month more than it should to have been moved up. Theophile seemed to be on the same path but completely disappeared on July 7th, never hitting the DL and with a decent 3.48 ERA/1.28 whip going). The rest of the rotation was middling at best. They were hurt by the loss of Seth Shuman, who had a 3.23 ERA in high-A in 2022 but who missed the whole season.

2024 outlook: Bennett is a big name for this team but struggled upon reaching High-A. There was never an official report of an injury, but Roster Resource lists him as being “injured” which usually means something serious, but we’ll have to wait and see. Hf healthy, he’ll be back, as will most of the guys there at the end of the season. Theophile was 24 this year and seemed to get High-A, so if he’s healthy i could see him starting in AA. Otherwise, the rotation in August seems to be what they’ll go with starting next year.

2024 rotation prediction: Lara, Luckham, Caceres, Lord, Bennett, Shuman plus a couple of guys moving up based on social promotion (Young, Cornelio, Tolman if he’s not hurt)

Low-A Fredericksburg

  • Opening Day: Bennett, Susana, Atencio, Cornelio, Denaburg
  • End of April:  Bennett, Susana, Atencio, Cornelio, Denaburg (plus Aldonis)
  • End of May:  Bennett, Susana, Cornelio, Sanchez, Caceres,
  • End of June:  Susana, Cornelio, Lord, Young, Tolman (with Atencio making spot starts)
  • End of July: Susana, Cornelio, Young, Tolman, Atencio (with Denaburg spot start)
  • End of August: : Cornelio, Young, Sullivan, Tepper, Stethe (Amaral getting 3 bullpen game starts)
  • End of Season: Cornelio, Young, Sullivan, Tepper, Stethe (with Polanco, Leon, Agostini late-season callups, not listing all the DL guys)

2023 Discussion: The Fredericksburg rotation this year basically had one decent success story (Bennett) and a slew of question marks. Bennett showed that its dumb to put a 2nd round polished college Junior in Low-A, cruising through 9 starts before getting bumped up. Caceres also got promoted, but not really on merit (his low-A numbers: 4.80 ERA, 1.52 whip in 15 games/7 starts). The rest of this crew left something to be desired. Susana is the only real “prospect” pitcher in Low-A, and he struggled: 5.14 ERA, 1.52 whip, 62/40 K/BB in 63 innings. Now, Susana was the 5th prospect in a 5-prospect deal, the proverbial “lets throw a lottery ticket 18yr old prospect into the deal as the final sweetener.” He’s only 19. So patience. As for the rest of this crew, by season’s end several of the rotation guys were 2023 draftees … but remember, we only signed on significant starter in this year’s draft, and he was a HS kid (Sykora). All the rest of the starters we drafted were either 5th year senior/nominal fees or $150k teen-round guys with little expectations. So with all due respect to Sullivan and Tepper and Stethe and Amaral … if we get one prospect out of this crew who gets out of Low-A we’ll be happy.

2024 outlook: For as “thin” as our internal options looked at AA, there’s an abundance of names in the mix right now for Low-A. This is the consequence of getting rid of Short-A; all these college arms get backed up, quickly. Right now here’s the list of “Starters” on the low-A roster, including everyone on the DL or Restricted list at the end of the season (listed by acquisition date):

  • 2023 draftees: Sullivan, Tepper, Amaral, Stethe
  • 2022 draftees: Young, Cornelio
  • 2021 draftees: Tolman
  • 2022 IFAs: Susana
  • 2021 IFAs: Agostini, Polanco, Leom
  • 2018-2019 IFAs: Aldonis, Atencio, Aldo Ramirez
  • Long Relievers: Polanco, Rodriguez, Otanez, Sanchez, Denaburg, Romero, Hiraldo, Marquez

That’s FOURTEEN guys who are listed as starters right now, and the Fredericksburg has 33 arms listed right now (!!). Something seems like it has to give. The team just has way too many arms here. Look for whole-sale shedding of these failed starters/long relievers at some point, perhaps next spring, perhaps when we start drafting players next year and need the roster spots. I think the team will put its highest rated prospects (Sykora, Susana and Aldo Ramirez) back in the rotation, join them with 2023 draftees and the best of the IFAs, and everyone else becomes a reliever.

2024 rotation prediction: Sykora, Susana, Aldo Ramirez, Aldonis, Amaral, plus a couple from Sullivan/Tepper/Stethe.

FCL Rookie

  • Opening Day: CSanchez, Zapata, Agostini, Leon, Polanco
  • End of June: CSanchez, Zapata, Agostini, Leon, Polanco (plus Ogando)
  • End of July: CSachez, Zapata, Agostini, Leon, Polanco (Otanez one spot start)
  • End of Season: CSanchez, Zapata, Agostini, Leon, Polanco

2023 Discussion: Basically, the FCL rotation was the same practically all season. Ogando got two spot starts and got shelled. Otanez was even worst than that. So, we only have 5 names to discuss:

  • Sanchez: 22IFA, 20yrs old, 7.92 ERA, 22 walks and 22 Ks in 30IP.
  • Zapata: 21IFA, 19yrs old, 4.81 ERA but only 25Ks in 39ip.
  • Agostini: 21IFA, 19yrs old, 4.53 ERA
  • Leon: 21IFA, 21yrs old, 5.58 ERA, 35/9 K/BB so that’s good but BAA was .287
  • Polanco: 21IFA, 22yrs old, 5.63 ERA

2024 outlook: Agostini, Leon, and Polanco got pushed up to Low-A, which is curious because none of them was the best starter in the FCL. The only one of these guys i’d have promoted is Zapata. I’d have the rest of them out of the rotation. Spoiler alert to the DSL analysis: there’s not a ton coming up the pike worth saving spots for; its a stretch even to assume that the two DSL Graduates mentioned will stick. I don’t think there’s any of these guys that will push for Low-A, given the slew of pitchers up there.

2024 rotation prediction: Agostini, Zapata, Leon, and a couple of 2024 draft picks Roman & Cuevas from the DSL could push for rotation spots but likely are LR at best domestically.

DSL Rookie

  • Opening Day: Farias, Portorreal, Moreno, Oliveros, DPerez
  • End of June: Farias, Portorreal, Moreno, Oliveros, DPerez
  • End of July: Farias, Portorreal, Moreno, R.Ramirez, with D.Perez doing spot starts.
  • End of Season: Farias, Portorreal, Moreno, A.Roman, E.Rivero (Cuevas one spot start)

2023 Discussion: Like with the FCL, the DSL nats managed to get through their season with mostly the same rotation. So lets run through them and their performance this year:

  • Farias: 19IFA, aged 21, 7.07 ERA this year. Aged 21! going against mostly 17yr olds.
  • Portorreal: 21IFA, aged 18, 4.79 ERA, 1.39 whip, 29/10 K/BB in 32ip.
  • Moreno: 23IFA, aged 18, 4.70 era but 28 walks to 25Ks in 30IP.
  • Oliveros: 22IFA, aged 20, 8.14 ERA and a .350 BAA; that’s hard to do
  • Perez: 21IFA aged 19, 4.45 ERA in mostly long-relief, 40/18 k/BB in 32ip
  • Ramirez: 22IFA, aged 19, 3.26 ERA, 1.53 whip
  • Roman: 21IFA, aged 20, 3.20 ERA, 1.04whip, 32/7 k/BB in 39 ip
  • Rivero: 23IFA, aged 18, 7.30 ERA, 1.95whip
  • Cuevas: 22IFA, aged 20, 3.44 era, 1.24whip

2024 outlook: Of all these guys, you can only squint and make an argument for a couple of them to get off the island and try for the FCL rotation next year. I’m guessing the team releases the three guys with ERAs in the 7s and 8s (Farias, Oliveros, Rivero) returns a few of them who were young but showed some decent promise (ERAs in the 4s, guys like Portorreal, Moreno, Perez), and then perhaps tries sending a couple specifically to the FCL. I like Roman’s performance here: decent control, aged 20 but only in his second year, so he’d make a lot of sense to move up as a FCL long reliever. Same with Cuevas: similar numbers, similar age and signing, and he excelled in that multi-inning model

2024 rotation prediction: Portorreal, Moreno, DPerez, Ramirez, plus a couple of 2024IFAs

One last thing. By most accounts, this is a rough order of our Starting Pitcher prospects now in the system, along with a brief statement of their performance in 2023 and outlook for 2024:

  • Cavalli: TJ; missed all of 2023, should be in 2024 MLB rotation, projecting as #2 starter
  • Bennett: crushed Low-A, struggled in High-A, disappeared for a bit, probably High-A in 2024
  • Sykora: 2023 draft pick out of HS, did not pitch, hopefully starts 2024 in Low-A rotation
  • Susana: struggled low-A, may need to move to bullpen, but still young. Low-A again 2024
  • Rutledge: shot up the ranks, ended in MLB, looks like he could improve. AAA/4-A in 2024
  • Ward: stashed in the MLB bullpen as a rule-5 guy, exhausted rookie status, could be a starter in 2024, but likely continues in bullpen.
  • Herz: trade acquisition pitched great in AA at age 22, could push for AAA in 2024
  • Henry; really struggled post TOS in 2023, worried for career, will be in AA again in 2024 trying to regain form.
  • Lara: over promoted, struggled in High-A all season, should repeat High-A in 2024.
  • Irvin: graduated to MLB, pitched in rotation most of year, hoping for closer to 100 ERA+ in 2024
  • Parker: solid in AA all year, should feature in AAA 2024.
  • Aldo Ramirez: hurt, missed all of 2023, hoping to see him pitch in Low-A 2024.
  • Saenz: under-the-radar performance earned promotion in 2023, starts in AA 2024
  • Shuman: missed all of 2023, hoping to bounce back in High-A in 2024.
  • Alvarez: solved High-A, had solid peripherals in AA, should return there in 2024.

I don’t think I need to say it; this is not a lot of depth. We really need to get guys like Bennett, Sykora, and Henry to return to form and earn their draft pedigree. I’d really like to see IFAs like Lara and Ramirez show up and deliver. But look for 2024 to be a pitcher-heavy draft.

Written by Todd Boss

October 8th, 2023 at 10:17 pm

12 Responses to '2023 Wrap Up of Rotations with 2024 Predictions'

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  1. Welcome back, Todd! I’ll have more thoughts later, but I’ll toss out a few details that could affect your consideration:

    — Adon is out of options. They put him on the 40-man at least a year too early, and this is the consequence. If they want to keep him around, they’ll probably have to keep him as a swing man in the MLB bullpen.

    — Bennett had a late-season TJ so will miss most of 2024.

    — I think you’re being really aggressive on Cavalli’s return from TJ and immediate impact. We don’t know that he’ll be ready by the beginning of the season, and even if he is, this is a guy with one MLB appearance. I would think that they start him back in the minors, and slowly.

    — Ward is being stretched out now in Arizona. He has three options left so can stay stretched out in Rochester.


    9 Oct 23 at 8:49 am

  2. Man, I had no idea Bennett had TJ. You’re probably right about Cavalli; i can’t remember when he had the surgery. So fair points.

    Todd Boss

    9 Oct 23 at 10:33 am

  3. They’ve basically announced that Cavalli won’t be ready until May at the earliest.


    9 Oct 23 at 10:50 am

  4. A lot of good stuff in here, Todd – I’ll have to digest it later. I agree with KW that Ward is much more likely to be in the minors working as a starter than as a long man at a level (MLB) that he’s not ready for. By keeping him on the roster and then finding a convenient hangnail the Nats were able to buy three option years to see if he can become something. Good luck, Thad.

    I expect that the Nats will go shopping at the “B” level of starting pitchers to bolster the rotation. Not a Blake Snell or a Yamamoto, but maybe a Jordan Montgomery (unless he pitches his way out of our price range this offseason) or Shota Imanaga. That makes the MLB rotation FA, Gore, Gray, Corbin, and the winner of a competition for the #5 slot (likely Irvin, but Adon and Rutledge will get looks). Williams should go to the bullpen in the long man/spot starter that he thrived in before getting another chance to prove that he’s not a rotation guy.

    John C.

    9 Oct 23 at 11:03 am

  5. I have my eye-test opinions, but I decided to look at the numbers before I made too much of them. There are some obvious caveats here, such as Rutledge only getting four MLB starts, although these numbers seem pretty consistent to what one would expect based on what he did at AAA. Adon’s ERA was terrible, but advanced stats think better of him. And none of these numbers for Ward were in a starting capacity. (Also, he had only 41 IP at AA and none at AAA before going to the majors.) (Wms = Williams, Rut = Rutledge)


    Gore 4.89
    Gray 4.94
    Adon 4.98
    Corbin 5.28
    Irvin 5.31
    Wms 5.55
    Rut 5.86
    Ward 6.68


    Gore 4.11
    Corbin 4.76
    Adon 4.92
    Gray 5.12
    Irvin 5.14
    Ward 5.98
    Wms 5.99
    Rut 6.15


    Gray 110
    Gore 97
    Irvin 93
    Rut 88
    Corbin 83
    Wms 78
    Ward 68
    Adon 67


    Gore 1.40
    Irvin 1.42
    Gray 1.46
    Corbin 1.48
    Rut 1.50
    Wms 1.60
    Ward 1.61
    Adon 1.63

    Hits per 9 IP

    Ward 7.4
    Gray 8.6
    Gore 8.8
    Irvin 8.8
    Corbin 10.5
    Adon 10.5
    Rut 10.8
    Wms 11.1

    Gore is pretty clearly #1, although his numbers are still a long way from league-leader level. On the flip side, Williams doesn’t place in the top five in any of these rankings. Getting him out of the rotation is a must-do.


    9 Oct 23 at 2:10 pm

  6. Thank you Todd for some great analysis on the state of pitching throughout the entire Nats system as well as the monthly changes.The entire system has suffered with drafting/signing philosophy of go big or go home where we have seen big misses in 1st round drafting and later rounds with filler cheap signings to compensate for the over payments. The high farm ranking is due to a few offensive studs that were traded for.
    I hope that the changes in both scouting and development departments will bode well to the future of both the farm and parent teams. The thinness of the pitching throughout the system is concerning as you pointed out.


    9 Oct 23 at 3:00 pm

  7. Lara may have been over promoted but he hardly struggled all season. his last nine starts he pitched to a 2.33 ERA and the league hit .176 against him. not a lot of Ks (5.8/9) and walks only average (3.5/9) but he held his own as a 20 yr old in A+


    10 Oct 23 at 11:37 am

  8. I’m torn on whether Rutledge opens in AAA or MLB. I think he could use the regular work, not sure he gets it in the early season #5 rotation spot.

    if a trade for a pitcher is made, Adon could go along with someone(s) from their outfield depth

    I expect Ward to be the opening day starter for Rochester

    of course, off season moves could change all this


    11 Oct 23 at 11:45 am

  9. my early pick for a sleeper alert is Luke Young, his stats actually improved slightly once he was made a starter. If he fills out a bit and adds a couple ticks on his FB he could be a legit prospect. I expect him to open the season in the A+ rotation


    11 Oct 23 at 3:13 pm

  10. Hopping in on the MLB level pitching conversation, I agree strongly with John C that the Nats would/should shop in mid level starters. My count says the Nats had 734.2 innings from pitchers with an ERA over 5. Thats half a season. Collectively, those pitchers had an ERA of 6. That’s not competitive. I don’t care if Abrams makes a leap next year or Wood is ROY. Another year with that pitching means it’s not a playoff roster.

    I looked at the playoff teams for reference, and they averaged 242.1 innings from over 5 ERA guys, with only Tampa and Arizona even getting 300 such innings. So we had 500 bonus trash innings.

    Nats pitchers with ERA over 5: Corbin, Williams, Machado, Adon, Kuhl, Thompson, Abbot, Ward, Erasmus Ramirez, Ferrer, Willingham, Harris, Rutledge, Banda, Espino, Rico Garcia (and Lane Thomas).

    So while I agree with the assessment that there should be a lot more high-end pitching next offseason, I still think the Nats should add 3-4 pitchers this offseason.

    I’ll let what actually happens prove me wrong, but for now if throw out names like Montas, Paxton, Ryu, Severino, Gibson, Flexen, Odorizzi, Flaherty, Lorenzen,
    and Carraso as maybe 1-2 years or even milb deals. Maybe (stil injured) Mahle, Martin perez, or Wood at a 2 year deal. You can sign that type of player(s) without limiting resources for the 2024 offseason.

    My guesses above are nonsense, bc I don’t do this, but my point is I bet there are a lot of average-ish seasons available for relatively small investments in terms of dollars and years. For the Nats to even pretend they’re trying to compete I’d like to see several such signings.

    Bland Moniker

    11 Oct 23 at 9:22 pm

  11. last night was my first look at Montgomery, John C. is probably cringing as his worry took a significant jump towards reality

    Bland mentioned Flaherty, he’s a valid option in my book. and once qualifying offers are rejected and some opt-outs exercised there may be some other mid-level possibilities (Wacha).

    this route would require short term commitments which the opt-outs would likely reject.


    16 Oct 23 at 2:15 pm

  12. First off, your “Nats to Oblivion” feature was set up in today’s Immaculate Grid — Players who played their entire career for the Nats (and Expos). I went with Matt Chico, but so many great candidates (and Ryan Zimmerman, of course)

    Second, Adon is a good example of why this team still struggles to develop relievers. They just can’t figure out the right time to pull the trigger to shift someone to relief. Look at Adon’s career first-, second-, and third time through-the-order numbers:



    These numbers should scream “this is a reliever” – and potentially even a good one. But now that he’s apparently out of options, assuming the do finally convert him this year, if he has any hiccups in converting, they can’t let him work it out in Rochester without risking losing him. They should’ve converted him last year.


    20 Oct 23 at 1:44 pm

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