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“Tony Plush” just can’t help himself can he?

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Hey here’s a shock.  Former Nat Nyjer Morgan was involved in a benches-clearing brawl.  Again.  And then just to make sure the national media had his attention, he took it upon himself to tweet some insults directed towards Albert Pujols.

(side note: boy how has Twitter changed the way players express themselves or get national headlines?  Every PR staff in the country must slap themselves on the head multiple times a week, watching their clients whose reputations have been meticulously professionally managed for so long completely blow it time and again by getting a twitter account and going off.)

For everyone who criticized Rizzo for trading Morgan (for essentially nothing) at the end of spring training, here’s exhibit 1-A as to why.  Stats and production are important, but team chemistry and clubhouse issues are more important.  If your entire team can’t stand a guy, it becomes a divisive issue and a distraction.  Sometimes you have to have addition by subtraction, and Morgan was a great example of the Nats removing a distraction before it festered.  We can find a center-fielder/lead-off hitter who doesn’t incite brawls every couple of months.

Written by Todd Boss

September 8th, 2011 at 11:01 am

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