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Nats Individual Award voting over the years (updated for 2015)


Harper is quickly becoming the Nats most decorated player. Photo via

Harper is quickly becoming the Nats most decorated player. Photo via

Here’s a quick review of all the Nats individual player awards dating to the franchise’ move to Washington.  Updated for 2015 after one Nat cleaned-up in the 2015 post-season awards.

The whole XLS showing all of this is available via the Links section to the right or directly in Google XLS here.

Bryce Harper now has an MVP, a Rookie of the Year and a Silver Slugger to his name.  Prior to Harper’s 2015 win, our best MVP showing was Anthony Rendon‘s 5th place last year.

We still havn’t come really that close to a Cy Young winner; Gio Gonzalez‘s 20-game winning season in 2012 remains the closest we’ve come.

The Nats have had two Manager of the Years; both years they won the division.  And both were dismissed (one with prejudice) the following season.  Like most pundits, clearly this award is flawed.

Lastly, we’ve had a couple of Gold Glove recipients and more than a few Silver Sluggers.

year Rank Name Tm Vote Pts 1st Place
2015 1 Bryce Harper WSN 420 30
2014 5 Anthony Rendon WSN 155 0
2014 18 Jayson Werth WSN 9 0
2014 19 Denard Span WSN 8 0
2013 13 Jayson Werth WSN 20 0
2012 6 Adam LaRoche WSN 86 0
2012 16 Ian Desmond WSN 15 0
2012 20 Gio Gonzalez WSN 8 0
2012 24 Ryan Zimmerman WSN 7 0
2012 30 Bryce Harper WSN 2 0
2011 19 Mike Morse WSN 5 0
2010 16 Ryan Zimmerman WSN 18 0
2010 21 Adam Dunn WSN 9 0
2009 25 Ryan Zimmerman WSN 2 0
2006 6 Alfonso Soriano WSN 106 0
2005 14 Chad Cordero WSN 21 0


Cy Young
year Rank Name Tm Vote Pts 1st Place
2015 5 Max Scherzer WSN 32 0
2014 5 Jordan Zimmermann WSN 25 0
2014 8 Doug Fister WSN 5 0
2014 9 Stephen Strasburg WSN 3 0
2013 7 Jordan Zimmermann WSN 21 0
2012 3 Gio Gonzalez WSN 93 1
2005 5 Chad Cordero WSN 1 0


year Rank Name Tm Vote Pts 1st Place
2012 1 Bryce Harper WSN 112 16
2011 4 Wilson Ramos WSN 6 0
2011 6 Danny Espinosa WSN 3 0
2006 2 Ryan Zimmerman WSN 101 10


Manager of the Year
Year Rank Name Tm Vote Pts 1st Place
2014 1 Matt Williams WSN 109 18
2012 1 Davey Johnson WSN 131 23
2007 5 Manny Acta WSN 4 0
2005 4 Frank Robinson WSN 29 2


Gold Gloves Name Tm Pos
2012 win Adam LaRoche WSN 1B
2009 win Ryan Zimmerman WSN 3B


Silver Sluggers Name Tm Pos
2015 win Bryce Harper WSN OF
2014 win Anthony Rendon WSN 3B
2014 win Ian Desmond WSN SS
2013 win Ian Desmond WSN SS
2012 win Ian Desmond WSN SS
2012 win Adam LaRoche WSN 1B
2012 win Stephen Strasburg WSN P
2010 win Ryan Zimmerman WSN 3B
2009 win Ryan Zimmerman WSN 3B
2006 win Alfonso Soriano WSN OF


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  1. OK, going for the sweep in 2016, with Bryce MVP #2, Max for Cy, Turner for ROY, and Dusty for MOY after the Nats win 110. Hey, Dusty won 103 with his very first team . . . and didn’t even get into the playoffs in last pre-wild card year.

    Seriously, those of us who watched Bryce regularly last season know that he can still improve. The humbling nature of the season for the team as a whole probably will help keep driving him. Max certainly has a better season in him as well if he can maintain the focus from his peak periods.

    You know it’s been a S-L-O-W offseason when the A. J. Happ signing is big news! Time for some of the big dominoes to start falling.


    28 Nov 15 at 8:02 am

  2. On the Gold Glove, both Harper and Ramos this year were either 2nd or 3rd place as both were finalists which meant they were both guaranteed Top 3 finalists.

    Not sure about prior years when they announced finalists.

    Ghost of Steve M. (

    28 Nov 15 at 3:01 pm

  3. I remember seeing some crazy stat from Baker that his teams improved like 18 games in the win column during his first year in charge. He’s been a manager in three places:
    – SF: year prior 72-90. dusty’s first year 103-59. 31 game improvement. It helped getting Barry Bonds and a 10-win season
    – Chi Cubs: year prior 67-95. Dusty’s first year 88-74. That’s a 21 game improvement.
    – Cin: 72-90 the year prior, dusty’s first year 74-88. 2 game improvement.

    Three stops, 18 game average improvement.

    Todd Boss

    29 Nov 15 at 12:55 pm

  4. GOSM: I probably could have tracked finalists for those awards …

    Todd Boss

    29 Nov 15 at 1:04 pm

  5. JZ off the table to DET for 5/$110m. AAV seems about right, length a little bit of a surprise. Seems like JZ wanted to get something done quickly, and with all of the options out there, I can’t say that I blame him.

    But it got me thinking: never been a big Cueto fan, but what if he is the guy that starts falling without a net. At what contract point does he look interesting? I don’t think he gets all the way down to a pillow contract, but what if he falls to Gallardo money (say 4/$60m)? Might be worth biting at that level, but I don’t know how to assess the potential injury risk.


    29 Nov 15 at 1:35 pm

  6. I should clarify – I don’t think Cueto will actually fall that far, just asking at what price does he look like a value play?


    29 Nov 15 at 1:46 pm

  7. I’m glad to see JZim going to the AL. I would not want to be facing guys that I’ll continue to be pulling for on a regular basis. He also gets his much-desired Upper Midwest team. There would have been a lot more pressure on him in Boston. Happy Trails to one of the core guys of our franchise.

    I would think that JZim’s relatively early signing will actually help Cueto, as the market for the 1.5 tier just got tighter. MLBTR has Cueto talking with the D-backs.

    Rosenthal has the Mets, Nats, Giants, and Braves pushing hard on the Zobrist front. Why, oh why, would the Braves pay for a premium, nearly-35 middle infielder? And why, oh why, would Zobrist want to play for a AAAA squad? With Panik entrenched at 2B, one would think the Giants want Zobrist for LF to replace Aoki. The word has been that Zobrist really wants to play 2B primarily. That requirement would seem to narrow the field to Mets and Nats.


    29 Nov 15 at 4:01 pm

  8. I view Cueto as a #2 starter in this league; he had a ton of success in the band-box that is Cincinnati’s home field park and he relies more on guile and control rather than velocity, so he should age well. I think he could be an NL starter for another 10 years or so. And he hasn’t even turned 30! He made $10M the last two years but seems worth more; an AAV of 15 would be pretty tempting. I’d take Cueto over Roark if they were shopping for 5th starters.

    Todd Boss

    30 Nov 15 at 9:45 am

  9. Braves have made some weird moves recently. Why trade away Heyward then commit multiple years to Markakis? Why keep Freeman but trade away Andrelton?

    Todd Boss

    30 Nov 15 at 9:46 am

  10. Cueto has turned down 6/120 from the D-Backs, so apparently he’s hoping for at least the $22M AAV that JZim got.


    30 Nov 15 at 12:09 pm

  11. Phew 6/120. Well, if Zimmermann got $22M for 5 years, and you’re Johnny Cueto you probably think that’s what you can get too.

    Todd Boss

    30 Nov 15 at 2:12 pm

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