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More R.A. Dickey Animated Gifs

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R.A. Dickey throwing another knockler. Photo via wiki/flickr user dbking

R.A. Dickey throwing another knockler. Photo via wiki/flickr user dbking

A few months ago I posted a Youtube video showing a Catcher’s point-of-view look at R.A. Dickey‘s knuckle ball coming in.

Here’s a couple more cool graphics that have popped up on various blogs that I read.

  •  From imgur/r/baseball, an animated Gif of Dickey’s knuckler as it travels to the plate.  Done by the same fellow @DShep25 who did similar Gifs of Yu Darvish‘s repertoire and of Miguel Cabrera‘s ability to hit homers from any point in terms of plate coverage.  (h/t to BusinessInsider blog).
  • And here’s a story to go with the above images from the author himself, Drew Shephard on

Still amazing that his 2013 numbers are so bad right now (6-8, 4.90 ERA, 1.388 whip, all significantly worse than his Cy Young numbers from last year).  The Blue Jays are only 6-9 in his starts, a big reason why they’re in last place in the AL East right now.

And then, since its related to these cool graphics, here’s a study (again from BusinessInsider’s Sports blog) about the Physics of a Curve Ball.  Its no wonder Dickey reportedly didn’t even travel with the team when they went to Colorado; he knew his pitches wouldn’t have any movement.

Written by Todd Boss

June 20th, 2013 at 12:26 pm

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  1. R.A. Dickey is a nice guy. Actually last season was a bad season for him. Now he has played for Toronto Blue Jays. Hope he will be recovered himself.

    Letitia Webb

    28 Jun 13 at 6:06 am

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