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What if they’d kept the Band together?


It occurred to me, now that the Nats have sold off all their pieces and continued the dismantling of their 2019 championship team … wow, we’ve parted ways with a lot of very expensive players.

What would our team look like (in terms of payroll and lineup) had we kept all our big-time FAs over the past few years? Here’s a fun exercise, using 2022’s salaries.

  • C: Yan Gomes: $6M, flipped with Harrison for Millas/Shuman/Gausch in the 2021 purge
  • 1B: Josh Bell: $10M. Traded to SD with Soto in the 2022 purge for 6 player.
  • 2B: Josh Harrison: $5.5M. Traded away to Oakland with Gomes for Millas/Shuman/Gausch in the 2021 purge
  • SS: Trea Turner: $21M. Traded to LAD with Scherzer in 2021’s big trade to get Grey/Ruiz and assets
  • 3B: Anthony Rendon: $36M. Let walk as a FA, received a 2nd round supplementary pick that turned into Samuel Infante.
  • LF: Juan Soto, $17.1M. Traded to SD with Bell
  • CF: Victor Robles: $1.65M. He has remained our starting CF for four straight seasons now despite a carrer OPS+ figure of just 83.
  • RF: Bryce Harper: $26M. Let walk as a FA, received a 4th round supplementary pick that was lost to the Corbin signing.
  • DH: Kyle Schwarber; $19M. Traded to Boston in 2021 for Aldo Ramirez.


  • SP: Max Scherzer: $43M. Traded to LAD with Turner in 2021
  • SP: Patrick Corbin: $23M. Still here, posting a 7 ERA this season.
  • SP: Stephen Strasburg, $35M. Still here, might have a career-ending injury.
  • SP: Sanchez, Fedde, Ross all still here, a combined $6M or so.

The Bullpen is fungible, so we’ll just skip it from a salary and focus on the above.

Total payroll for this set of players and starters? $251M. For 14 players, no backups, no bullpen and no 40-man. Probably estimate $8M for your backups, $15M for your bullpen, $3M for the rest of your 40-man, and $16M for benefits and that’s a payroll figure of $293M. $60M more than the salary cap threshold, and still not as much as the Los Angeles Dodgers are spending this year.

Would we be a winning team with this lineup? Well, we’d certainly still have a starting pitching problem, since $58M is going to two players who are actively hurting the club (Corbin has a -3.4 WAR this season!). But the lineup would be a monster. How’s this for a lineup: Turner, Soto, Harper, Schwarber, Rendon, Bell, Harrison, Gomes and Robles. Phew. Good luck getting through that lineup 4 times a night without giving up some runs. Of course, some of these guys are hurt in 2022, so this wouldn’t actually be our lineup .. but hey, this is a fantasy post.

Just a fun thought exercise.

Written by Todd Boss

August 8th, 2022 at 4:04 pm

Posted in Nats in General

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  1. The sale of the club can’t come soon enough!
    This organization needs some positive energy,something lacking now.

    Mark L

    9 Aug 22 at 8:38 am

  2. well the kids are playing in FLA today with Cox so far 2-2 and Green just hit a home run. that’s a start!


    9 Aug 22 at 1:10 pm

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