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New Theme!

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So, after leaving this blog with the default WordPress theme for the past 18 months, I finally got around to figuring out why I couldn’t install themes automatically from the admin dashboard and put in a new one.

I like the fonts and the way pictures are presented here, and there’s more stuff in the side bar.  I still don’t have a twitter plugin (which i’d like but isn’t really that necessary frankly … the only time i tweet is to put in links back to this site), and I don’t use tags in the articles, so a tag cloud won’t work (a future todo item), but the theme looks good.

The one quibble I have, and I may need to keep looking for new themes, is that sometimes I cut and paste xls data into the blog and it looks bad in the thin column formats.  I may look for a wider blog format.  Look at all the wasted space to the left here; I could use that for content and the blog postings would probably be an easier read….

Written by Todd Boss

September 25th, 2011 at 12:59 am

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