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Detwiler’s re-inclusion to the rotation and ERA complaints

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To my surprise, Detwiler was called up to make sunday’s start in the place of the banished, er i mean DL’d Atilano.  Surprised because;
– Detwiler had just pitched wednesday in AA, meaning he’d be going on 3 days rest
– Chico, who has already given us a decent spot start in the majors, would have been on normal rest and has been pretty dominant in AAA in his past few starts.

Nonetheless, Detwiler came up and had a pretty bad performance.  3 hits, 4 walks (one intentional), a wild pitch and 5 runs in 3 2/3 inning.

Buuuut.  Zero earned runs.  Now, follow these innings through and tell me how some of these runs aren’t listed as “earned.”

2nd Inning:
– gets an out
– harris fielding error puts a guy on first.
– walk
– walk.  now the bases are loaded.
– Single: the reach-by-error batter scores.  Sure, I can see how this is an unearned run.
– then a wild pitch scores a second batter.  This is DIRECTLY on the pitcher and it makes no sense to me that it is unearned somehow.

4th inning:
– leadoff single
– gets an out, gets another out.
– Desmond throws a ball away, batter to 2nd base, and a run scores.  totally unearned run.
– Detwiler then hangs a slider and Weeks kills it for a homer.  Reach-by-error batter scores as does the homer-hitter.  5-0.  But how exactly is the guy who hit the homer an unearned run?  I know the answer is “By virtue of the fact that Desmond threw away what would have been the third out” but It just doesn’t make any sense that a runs scored by virtue of a homer could possibly be considered “unearned” by the pitcher.

eh.  Anyway.  I like a rotation with Detwiler and Chico (or whoever they call up next) versus one with Martin and Atilano.

Written by Todd Boss

July 26th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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